Campus Sites

Welcome to our information sharing space. Each campus should create their own page. What to include on your page? Campus team members, the Plan of Action developed at PKAL workshops, photos of events, success stories!

You'll need to be have an approved account to add information and make changes. To participate you'll need to have your email address pre-authorized by providing it to Brenda Lyseng (brenda.lyseng@so.mnscu.edu), and then follow the editing controls in the upper right to create yourself a new account. If you have attended a PKAL workshop, your email has already been verified.

To get started, click on the Show Edit Controls box and click on Create New Page. The name of your page should be your campus name. The new page will show up in the navigation menu on the right. You can follow that link, click 'show editing controls and then 'edit this page' to add material to your new page. Don't forget to save - the save button is blue and located on the left of your screen.

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