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Written Assignment Sessions

Sessions are authored by Wesley S. Boberg. Published journal resources provided by
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Provide students an opportunity to read scientific literature, express understanding of scientific content and write a summary of the written work.

Learning Goals

  1. Use an online resource to access a specific scientific article.
  2. Read the specified article.
  3. Express understanding of the content through a "quiz" in D2L.
  4. Evaluate understanding of the content based on class discussion of the quiz results
  5. Further express understanding of content with a follow-up writing activity.
  6. Repeat assignment with other assigned articles.

Context for Use

Description and Teaching Materials

Assignment directions and rubric (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 18kB Feb25 10)

Teaching Notes and Tips


Out of a possible 32 points:
  1. The quiz will count for 8 possible points (2 points for each of the 4 answers).
  • Answers must be clearly written, thoughtful and in complete sentences
  • Accuracy of the answer is not as important as the effort.
  1. The written paper will count as 24 possible points (see rubric) and based and the procedures listed above.

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