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An Interdisciplinary Exploration: What is Carleton's Energy Future? part of CISMI:Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning:Environmental Science:Carletons Energy Future
Interdisciplinary exploration of the use and production of energy at Carleton College in the coming years, including the development of a conceptual model for approaching the problem to be used by faculty, staff, and students.

May 24-26, 2006 National Academy of Sciences, Washington part of Reconsidering the Textbook
A workshop in which participants considered the role of the textbook in today's courses and in the future, producing and disseminating a white paper on the textbook's relevance.

Chronos Workshop: Developing Web-based Activities for Teaching Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Geology part of Chronos Workshop
Workshop in which participants developed a series of web-based activities based on the CHRONOS Data Set. These activites are now available online.

Cows, Colleges, and Curriculum: A Sustainability Workshop part of Sustainability Workshop
This workshop was a cooperative effort by the two liberal arts colleges in Northfield, MN: St. Olaf College and Carleton College. The workshop looked at activities on both campuses that strive to integrate sustainability issues across the curriculum.

EarthScope in the Northern Rockies part of EarthScope in the Northern Rockies Workshop
EarthScope's network of multipurpose geophysical instruments and observatories is expanding capabilities to observe the structure and ongoing deformation of the North American continent. The goal of this workshop was to formulate an integrated research and education agenda to optimize the use of the Earthscope facility in the northern Rockies, to identify the "big" scientific questions of the region, and to engage the public through a variety of education and outreach activities.

Teaching About Energy in Geoscience Courses: Current Research and Pedagogy part of Cutting Edge:Energy:2010 Workshop
This one-day workshop is a follow-up to the Cutting Edge workshop Teaching about Energy in Geoscience Courses held in May 2009 at the University of Wyoming. The workshop will provide opportunities to learn more about energy issues, as well as focus on how we teach about energy and geoscience. Participants will share and discuss current examples, while exploring how we might better integrate energy in geoscience courses and beyond. Workshop participants will also collaborate to create or refine materials for classroom use.

Integrating Sustainability into the Undergraduate Curriculum part of ACM Pedagogic Resources:ACM/FaCE:Projects:Integrating Sustainability into the Undergraduate Curriculum:2010 Sustainability Workshop
2010 Opening Workshop June 8-10, 2010 Luther College, Decorah, IA Selected participants from ACM schools will attend a two-day gathering at Luther College to launch the collaborative project. A variety of formats ...

Designing Effective and Innovative Courses part of Cutting Edge:Course Design:Workshop 2010
Finding the time, energy, and inspiration to develop a new course or to re-design an existing course is a challenge for faculty. Join us for a 4-day (two part) online workshop that will be designed to help you ...

Developing Modules for Teaching Economics part of Starting Point: Teaching and Learning Economics:About this Project:Workshops:Spring 2010 Workshop
This workshop is designed to bring together a community of scholars to contribute to the development of new or enhance existing modules associated with the following pedagogical practices: Classroom Experiments, Teaching with Computer Simulations, Effective Use of Personal Response Systems, Interactive Lecture Demonstrations, Undergraduate Research.

Information Literacy in the Foreign Languages: A Collaborative Workshop Exploration part of ACM Pedagogic Resources:ACM/FaCE:Projects:Information Literacy in the Foreign Languages
Friday-Saturday, September 24-25, 2010 Cornell College, Mount Vernon, Iowa Participants will meet to discuss ways of integrating information literacy into the study of languages. Institutional teams consisting of ...

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