Updates go live on Bridging to STEM Excellence website

published Jan 5, 2022 12:00pm

Dec 22, 2021

The newly updated Bridging to STEM Excellence (BTSE) website is a hub of information about the consortium and its work in improving higher education. You can find information about the BTSE Consortium, consisting of five organizations that direct successful, large-scale professional development initiatives, and learn how each organization prepares and support STEM educators.

The BTSE Consortium provides support to institutions and programs looking to accelerate change in STEM education through the Consultancy program.  The Consultancy Program leverages the professional development expertise of the consortium organizations, bringing members of each organization together to help create a course of action for an institution.  Visit the Consultancy Program pages to learn about process by which an institution can apply for consultation with BTSE and what to expect before and during the consultancy.

At present, five institutions are in the process of completing consultancies with BTSE: Bakersfield College, California State University Chico, Georgia State University, University of Richmond, and University of Texas- Austin.  As these consultancies conclude, more information will become available soon.