Initial Publication Date: December 14, 2021

The BTSE Consultancy

Phase Zero Phase One Phase Two Phase Three Phase Four

Goals of the Consultancy

  1. Develop a bridge between institutional efforts to improve instruction and national initiatives offering programmatic support
  2. Develop a community of practice increasing the interactions among and the reach of our consortium organizations

What do we do?

The consultancy program brings consultants and institutions together to address institutional priorities. The coordinated effort of the consultants and key institutional stakeholders accelerates the adoption of interventions within the institution through first understanding the institutional stakeholders' attitudes toward change strategies, then recognizing the perceived fit of the interventions, and finally anticipating the potential role of professional development in increasing change readiness.

By creating a group of professional development organizations that work together as consultants, we increase the breadth of knowledge of each consortium member. Instead of only knowing the details of their own organization, they become familiar with other organizations' areas of expertise, experiences, and programming. This allows for consultations that result not in an advertisement for one organization, but in a professional development opportunity that is hand-picked for an institution's unique circumstances. It best serves institutions that have an idea of the issues at hand but do not a directed course of action toward addressing those issues.

The Consultancy Teams spend time with an institution to gather information from a range of perspectives. This effort results in data that are representative of the true institutional/departmental environment. Working on this foundation, the Consultancy Team is prepared to recommend the most appropriate professional development opportunity to address the institution's identified priorities.

The consultancy is summarized by a five-step process:

  • Phase Zero: Identifying a consultancy target and the consultancy team
  • Phase One: Gathering insider information
  • Phase Two: Planning the initial consultancy visit
  • Phase Three: The initial consultancy visit
  • Phase Four: Post-consultancy professional development and support

Each phase builds upon the previous making each one essential to the BTSE process. The ideal BTSE consultancy is completed in less than one year. A full description of the process and detailed notes can be found in the Consultancy Playbook.

Who are we?

The BTSE consultancy is comprised of BTSE project leaders and representatives from each of our consortium organization partners. The consortium offers over 60 years of combined experience conducting professional development for departments facing a wide range of issues. These professional development events include workshops, summer institutes, writing retreats, networking opportunities, and course development resources.

Our current consortium organizations:

Visit the People page and the Consortium Organizations page to find more information.