Activity Feedback

So you've used/modified/improved a teaching activity you found in our collections? We'd like to hear how it went and share what you've found back to the community.

Are you the author of the original activity? If so you can make updates to the activity directly.

What can your peers learn from your experience using this activity? Did you make modifications? Use an updated data set? How did the activity play out with your students?

Describe your experience in the box below and use the file upload option to include any supporting files you'd like to share. The response you provide here will appear, with attribution to you, within the original activity web page in a section of community contributions. For example:

  • I used this activity in my Earth Science 101 course as part of unit on xyz. I replaced the main data set with similar data for our local community (see attached file).
  • My students struggled with concept abc so I found it was helpful to give them this background reading ( before doing the activity.

If your contribution includes any of the following elements check the appropriate box.

Your name and institution will be included with your public comment.

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