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SAGE Musings: Involving Students in Authentic Research

Carol Ormand, SERC, Carleton College
published Oct 31, 2016

As you know, there are three strands to our project: supporting the academic success of all students, facilitating students' professional pathways in the geosciences, and broadening participation in STEM. One activity that supports all three of these strands is involving students in authentic research experiences. That's why John has compiled a rich set of resources about research with 2YC students on the SAGE 2YC website:

These resources include pages about

In 2014, we also had a webinar about student geoscience research at 2YCs, at which Pete and Lynsey presented ( and a webinar about supporting 2YC-4YCU transfer, at which Gretchen talked about a collaboration with NCSU, supporting students from Wake Tech doing research at NCSU (

I know others of you have also incorporated research opportunities for students at your institutions -- I heard Sean say at GSA that he developed "no-stakes research opportunities" for his students, and I love that idea!

What are you doing, or what have you done in the past, to give your students a taste of research in geoscience? What resources have you found particularly helpful for getting your students involved in doing research?

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