Joel Aquino

University of North Georgia

Joel Aquino is a SAGE 2YC local workshop leader and an instructor at University of North Georgia. He co-convened the 2013 workshop Best Practices for Preparing Two-Year College (2YC) Students for Geoscience Degrees at the University of North Georgia, Gainesville Campus. Aquino is a native of the Philippines and migrated to the US in 2002 as a teacher after spending almost a decade in the mineral industry and economic geology research. He has a PhD in Economic Geology from James Cook University, Australia. He was part of the team that discovered the $13 billion Sepon Copper-Gold Mine in Laos. He is also the recipient of several teaching awards, including Teacher Of The Year for Hall County and a Dorothy Stout Professional Development award in 2014.

Besides teaching at UNG, Aquino is a full-time high school science teacher in the Hall County Schools. His Physical Geology course is part of the InTeGrate collections, as are two of his essays "Integrating Engineering Concepts to Introductory Geoscience Courses" and "The use of Field Experiences and Anecdotes in Teaching." Dr Aquino also has authored two activities: The Use of Cube Puzzle and Toilet Paper Roll Model in Teaching The Nature of Science which uses inexpensive materials to help students understand the nature of science and Simulating Mineral Industry Drilling and Processing Lab in which students simulate two processes applied by the mineral industry.


The University of North Georgia was formed through the consolidation of North Georgia College & State University and Gainesville State College in 2013. Gainesville State College was a predominantly Associates degree granting institution before the merger. University of North Georgia has 4 campuses in and around the Gainesville area and serves about 15,000 students.