Frank Granshaw

Portland Community College

Frank Granshaw is a SAGE 2YC local workshop leader and an instructor at Portland Community College. He co-convened the 2014 workshop Using Engaging Experiences to Craft Student Success in the Earth Sciences at Portland Community College.

Granshaw is also on the geology faculty of Portland State University. He is the developer of virtual field environments, which are described on his poster Virtual Fieldwork in Introductory Geoscience Courses: Approaches and Possibilities. Granshaw is a NAGT sectional officer, Geo2YC division founding member, a former science museum educator and exhibit developer, gardener, and beekeeper.


Granshaw teaches Physical and Historical Geology, Geology of the Pacific Northwest, Volcanoes and Earthquakes, Environmental Geology, Oceanography, Meteorology, and miscellaneous field courses.

Professional Interests

Granshaw's educational interests focus on geoscience visualization and media development, student fieldwork - both actual and virtual, guided inquiry strategies for geoscience instruction, integrating service learning and environmental sustainability into geoscience instruction, and assistive technology and techniques for disabled students. His geoscience interests include glacial geology and climate science, rock-forming processes and tectonics, paleogeographic reconstruction, and environmental geology. He has been involved in several community college - university collaborations, including REUs.


Portland Community College is a two-year college and the largest institution of higher education in Oregon. Portland Community College has 3 campuses and seven centers. It serves about 90,000 students (57,000 in credit courses). The student body has an average age of 32, although 38% are under 25 years of age.