Adrianne Leinbach

Wake Technical Community College

Adrianne Leinbach is a SAGE 2YC local workshop leader and Associate Professor of Geology at Wake Technical Community College. She co-convened the 2015 workshop Supporting 2YC Geoscience Students and Faculty in the Classroom and Beyond and the 2014 workshop Helping Two-Year College Students Succeed in Geoscience Courses, both at Wake Technical Community College, in Raleigh, NC.


Professor Leinbach teaches introductory geology and environmental geology.

Professional Interests

Prof. Leinbach's educational interests focus on improving distance learning. She particularly focuses on how distance education can serve students with multiple learning styles and how students can best be guided through on-line learning to understand introductory-level geologic material.

Prof. Leinbach is part of a five-year grant between Wake Tech and a local 4-year college that helps Wake-Tech students to do summer research. They have seen applications for these positions go up from approximately 10 the first year to 34 in the third year. She is working on how to interest and encourage those students in becoming geology majors at 4-year colleges.


Wake Technical Community College is the largest two-year college in North Carolina. It has over 69,000 students - 56% of whom are women and 24% of whom are African American or Black. Wake Tech serves the greater Raleigh, NC region in Wake County from five campuses and other sites.