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This page allows searching across the SERC catalogs: the set of resources from the web and in print that have been selected as relevant by SERC-supported projects. The catalog draws from collections created directly by our partners as well as those harvested from other digital library collections.


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Oceans and Atmosphere Example part of CLEAN Collection

This unit allows students to investigate past changes in Earth's climate. Students first explore relationships in climate data such as temperature, solar radiation, carbon dioxide, and ...
Resource Type: Activities, Curriculum Description

EarthNow Climate Digest part of CLEAN Collection

Visually informative summary of the quarterly seasonal global weather and climate using the 3-D Science on a Sphere format. These video summaries use animations of recent NOAA data and an engaging ...

Shine - Mini climate change musical part of CLEAN Collection

A climate change musical for K-12, youth groups or faith organizations. Shine weaves together climate science and performance art into a fun and powerful story, which spans 300 million years of ...
Resource Type: Activities

How Global Warming Works part of CLEAN Collection

This video very succinctly explains the mechanism of the natural greenhouse effect and the cause of global climate change (anthropogenic global warming). It is short, basic, and to the point. ...
Resource Type: Audio/Visual:Animations/Video

The Stink Test: Validating Resources part of CLEAN Collection

This resource provides a systematic and objective framework to enable students to develop skills to recognize whether a source of information is scientifically valid or not. Even though this resource ...
Resource Type: Activities

What is coral bleaching? part of CLEAN Collection

This at-a-glance infographic provides an overview of what coral bleaching is and its causes. The resource combines short summaries of the steps of coral bleaching with more in-depth (though still ...

How does energy affect wildlife? part of CLEAN Collection

This lesson plan includes a learning activity that asks students to consider the impacts of different types of electricity generation on wildlife. Students are asked some questions about their ...
Resource Type: Activities

Where do you put a wind farm? part of CLEAN Collection

In this learning activity, students analyze various sources of information to determine the best location for a new wind farm.
Resource Type: Activities

Making Sense of Data - Tree Growth and Climate part of CLEAN Collection

Students analyze an actual dataset of the influence of temperature on tree growth. They use mathematical and statistical concepts like slope equations and lines of best fit to determine the ...
Resource Type: Activities

Our Shared Climate Future part of CLEAN Collection

This peer-reviewed educational video explains human-caused climate change including the greenhouse effect. The role that greenhouse gases play in absorbing and re-emitting longwave radiation is ...
Resource Type: Audio/Visual:Animations/Video

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