Workshop Application

A primary workshop outcome is that each participating team develops an agenda for action to enhance quantitative reasoning (QR) programming and assessment on their campus. Toward that end, in the application process we ask for information about current circumstances, challenges, opportunities and visions. These application responses should be developed by potential members of the participating team and capture the sense of the broad campus community, providing a valuable point from which QR conversations will continue beyond the workshop. The answers to the 5 questions below will be posted on the workshop web page, will be edited during the workshop to reflect your ongoing planning, and will be public on the QuIRK webpage.

The information about current status of QR on participating campuses is essential also for the evaluation of the workshop on participating institutions. Further, an additional goal is to build a QR portfolio of ideas, resources, instruments, and more; your pre-workshop applications and post-workshop agendas for action will inform and contribute to the building of that resource.

For your reference as you prepare your application (and to share a little about Carleton's program), we provide QuIRK's responses to these questions.

When you are done filling out this application form, we ask you to send a letter of support from your institution's president or a senior academic administrator to the PKAL National Office ( This letter is a critical part of the application process, documenting institutional commitment to supporting post-workshop activities of the participating teams.

Responses in this section will be used in conference preparation, but will not be a part of your institution's action plan and will not be shared with other participants.

Ideally, teams of three will include an administrator who can access resources, a faculty member, a representative of your QR program or working group, and a representative from your writing program.

What issues do you especially want discussed at the conference? (Check all that apply.)