Workshop Agenda

Workshop Notebook

Friday, October 10

12:00-3:15 Registration

3:30-3:40 Welcome
Nathan Grawe, Director of QuIRK (Carleton College)
H. Scott Bierman, Dean of the College (Carleton College)

3:40-5:00 Plenary Session: "The Quantitatively Reasoned Life"
Bernie Madison (University of Arkansas)
Lynn Steen (St. Olaf College)
(see the video (MP4 Video 342.5MB Nov6 08))

5:15-6:15 Cluster Group Meetings

6:30-8:15 Dinner Plenary Session: "Use, Misuse, and Missed Use of Quantitative Reasoning in Student Writing"
Nathan Grawe (Carleton College)
(see the slides (PowerPoint 1.2MB Oct14 08) see the video (MP4 Video 283MB Nov6 08))

Saturday, October 11

8:30-9:00 "Birds of a Feather" Breakfast

9:00-10:00 Break Out Sessions
"The Wellesley College Story," Corrine Taylor (Wellesley College)
"The James Madison University Story," Donna Sundre (James Madison University) (see the slides (PowerPoint 151kB Oct14 08))
"The Augsburg College Story," Milo Schield and Marc Isaacson (Augsburg College) (see slideshow 1 (Acrobat (PDF) 911kB Oct14 08), slideshow 2 (PowerPoint 489kB Oct14 08), and slideshow 3 (PowerPoint 630kB Oct14 08),see the video (MP4 Video 187.9MB Nov6 08))
"The Macalester College Story," David Bressoud (Macalester College) (see the slides (Acrobat (PDF) 537kB Oct14 08))

10:10-11:30 Cluster Group Meetings

11:45-1:00 Lunch Plenary Session: "Challenges of QR Assessment"
Donna Sundre (James Madison University)
(see the slides (PowerPoint 404kB Oct14 08) see the video (MP4 Video 449.9MB Nov6 08))

1:15-2:15 Break Out Sessions
"The University of Arkansas Story," Bernie Madison (University of Arkansas)
"The Alverno College Story," Sue Mente (Alverno College) (see the slides (PowerPoint 1.1MB Oct14 08))
"The Carleton College Story," Nathan Grawe and Carol Rutz (Carleton College)

2:30-3:30 Break Out Sessions
"Grant Sources and Strategies," Rebecca Hartzler (Seattle Central Community College) and Christopher Tassava (Carleton College) (see the slides (Acrobat (PDF) 1.3MB Oct14 08))
"Creating Enduring Resources," Cathryn Manduca (Carleton and Science Education Resource Center) (see the slides (PowerPoint 254kB Oct14 08))
"Generating Interdisciplinary Institutional Buy-In," Caren Diefenderfer (Hollins University) and Neil Lutsky (Carleton College)
"Student Support Services," Linda Kirstein (Bowdoin College) (see the slides (PowerPoint 151kB Oct28 08))

3:40-4:40 Time for Relaxation and Personal Reflection

4:40-5:50 Campus Team Meetings (including boxed dinners)

6:00-12:00 Guthrie Theater Outing
A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller
Tickets included in registration fee

Sunday, October 12

8:30-9:45 Breakfast and Team Meetings (Finalize Action Plans)

9:45-11:00 Team Reports: Action Plans

11:00-11:15 Open Q&A

11:30-12:00 Lunch and Plenary Session: "Building a QR Community: The Future of the National Numeracy Network"
Corrine Taylor (Wellesley College)
Len Vacher (University of Southern Florida) (see the slides (PowerPoint 2.6MB Oct14 08))