• The New Directions in Institutional Research recently published "Beyond Math Skills: Measuring Quantitative Reasoning in Context" by Nathan D. Grawe. The article reviews several recently developed tools for assessing quantitative reasoning.
  • A QuIRK-supported team of philosophy students has won the Yale Experimental Philosophy Month. Based on findings in an initial study completed in Summer 2010, Yale has agreed to replicate their study of whether intuitions on personal identity---what it is that makes a person one and the same over time---vary across demographic differences such as gender, religion and philosophical background.

Carleton's Quantitative Inquiry, Reasoning, and Knowledge (QuIRK) Initiative

"The world of the twenty-first century is a world awash in numbers....Unfortunately, despite years of study and life experience in an environment immersed in data, many educated adults remain functionally innumerate."
-Lynn Arthur Steen, "The Case for Quantitative Literacy"

Curricular Materials

Infusing Quantitative Reasoning Throughout the Curriculum

QR Assessment

Assessing Quantitative Reasoning in Student Writing

  • Why QuIRK evaluates quantitative reasoning in the context of student writing
  • QuIRK's Rubric (Microsoft Word 71kB Dec7 09) and protocol for assessment
    (The use and reliability of the rubric is discussed in detail in an article in Numeracy, the journal of the National Numeracy Network.)
  • How the rubric and protocol are being adapted for use at other institutions
  • Research findings from past assessment

QR Program Design

Designing a Quantitative Reasoning Program: The QuIRK Experience
  • Why QuIRK integrates written argument with quantitative reasoning
  • Key elements of the QuIRK model including information on professional development workshops and examples of curricular revisions
  • Publications stemming from the initiative
  • Links to other higher ed QR initiatives

For Carleton Faculty

  • Information on curriculum reform grants
  • Carleton faculty consultants
  • Upcoming campus events

For Carleton Students

  • Information on using QR to improve papers
  • Details of two summer fellowship opportunities

Publications and Presentations Stemming from QuIRK

Publications and presentations on QR generally and within particular disciplines.

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