Initial Publication Date: June 10, 2008

Upcoming QuIRK-Sponsored Professional Development Workshops

None at this time.

Past QuIRK-Sponsored Professional Development Workshops

Workshop on Bayesian Statistics

December 13-14, 2010

This program was led by Carleton mathematician Robert Dobrow and introduced Bayesian statistical methods along with an introduction to empirical programming in R. The event drew 16 participants.

Writing with Numbers

December 6-8, 2010
Co-sponsored with the Writing Program, this reprise of our 2007 workshop was again led by John Bean. The workshop attracted 23 participants.

Developing Academic Civic Engagement at Carleton

December 10-11, 2009
This workshop tapped into the growing interest on our campus and elsewhere in teaching students through community partnership. Many of these strategies involve students providing data support, collection, or analysis. The workshop attracted 30 participants. Evaluations were very strong with an average overall effectiveness rating of 9 on a 10-point scale.

Argument and Inquiry Seminars: Course and Assignment Considerations and Design

December 7-9, 2009
Co-sponsored with the Writing Program, this workshop guided participants in how to meet the charge to teach students how to 'find and evaluate evidence, and construct arguments' in these soon-to-be required first-year seminars. The workshop involved 43 participants. The day which included workshop evaluation was upset by a snowstorm.

Writing with Images

December 2008
A discussion of how to effectively teach students to use visuals ( charts) in their papers. We'll also talk about how to assess such work.

Teaching with Cases

December 2008
Instruction on how to structure, develop, and lead case studies in your courses.

Grid-Based Map Analysis Techniques and GIS Modeling

March 2008
An introduction to accessible GIS analysis led by Joseph K. Berry, Keck Scholar in Geosciences at the University of Denver.

Carleton by the Numbers

March 2008
A discussion of the Dean's draft report "Metrics of Academic Excellence".

Writing with Numbers 2

December 2007
A reprise of the December 2005 workshop again led by John Bean of Seattle University.

Quantitative Reasoning University

December 2006
A symposium examining new QR assignments developed by QuIRK.

Start Seeing Numbers

December 2005
A discussion of alternative means of visualizing data. Led by several of Carleton's academic computing coordinators and reference librarians.

Writing with Numbers

December 2005
A discussion of strategies for creating effective QR writing assignments. Led by Seattle University's John Bean, an expert on creating effective writing assignments.

Quantitative Reasoning in Carleton Courses

August 2005
A curriculum development workshop co-led by Carleton professors and Michael Burke (Mathematics) and Jean Mach (English) from the College of San Mateo. To read an argument by Burke advocating that we teach QR in writing, see this column in Carnegie Perspectives.

Statistics for Faculty

August 2005
A primer course in basic statistics. Led by members of Carleton's Mathematics department.

Medical Research and Personal Health

December 2004
A seminar demonstrating the way in which rhetorical choices made in medical research papers influence public perceptions of health risks. Led by Kent Bailey, a statistician from the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, and Mary Knatterud, a science writer for the University of Minnesota Department of Surgery.

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