Teaching with Cases Workshop

A growing literature documents the effectiveness of active learning in the classroom. Case studies represent one way we can encourage student engagement. Whether an elaborate set of documents tied to a highly-structured series of questions or a modest collection of facts which lead to an open-ended prompt, cases encourage active problem solving.

Workshop Agenda

Workshop Goals

  • To introduce participants to the wide variation in what constitutes a "case"
  • To share tips on designing effective cases
  • To provide effective strategies for teaching with cases
  • To help faculty develop a plan for a case module in a course of their own


David's more complete bibliography (Microsoft Word 36kB Dec15 08)

Collections of Prepared Cases


Workshop Conveners

David Schodt, Department of Economics and Director of Center for Innovation in the Liberal Arts, St. Olaf College
Mike Hemesath, Department of Economics and Director of the EthIC program, Carleton College
Carol Rutz, Department of English and Director of the Writing Program, Carleton College
Nathan Grawe, Department of Economics and Director of the QuIRK initiative, Carleton College

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