Course Revision Support Materials

On-Campus Consultants

Carleton faculty and staff have volunteered to assist faculty at Carleton as they work on QR-related projects and a list of faculty who have completed revisions in the past.

LTC Presentation Videos and Slides

Did you miss a QuIRK talk at the LTC? Now you can watch videos and read slides in the comfort of your office!

10 Foundational Quantitative Reasoning Questions

Looking for inspiration for your course revision? Here's a great way to get started: 10 questions students should consider when writing with numbers (by Neil Lutsky)

Guide to Creating QR Writing Assignments

In depth discussion of why and how to design QR writing assignments, including teaching tips and example assignments Compiled by John Bean, Seattle University)

Example Carleton QR Writing Assignments

Examples of QR-rich writing assignments developed at Carleton. You may also consult a larger list of QR-rich writing assignments including assignments developed elsewhere.

Example Carleton QR-Rich Courses

Examples of QR-rich courses developed at Carleton