QuIRK Support for Curriculum Reform at Carleton

Revision of Existing Courses to Strengthen QR:

Funding from an alumni donor allow us to support the preparation of revisions to existing courses intended to help students use, write about, and present quantitative information. Quirk can provide faculty summer stipends (up to $1200 for 2 weeks of time). Faculty should seriously consider designating their courses as QRE's when they implement the proposed changes.

A course designated as a "Quantitative Reasoning Encounter" (QRE) will include at least one substantial assignment or module designed to enhance one or more of the following QR skills:

  1. Possessing the habit of mind to consider what numerical evidence might add to the analysis of a problem;
  2. Identifying appropriate quantitative or numerical evidence to address a question;
  3. Locating or collecting numerical or quantitative data;
  4. Interpreting numerical evidence properly including recognizing the limitations of methods and sources used;
  5. Effectively communicating arguments that involve numerical or quantitative evidence.
Submit proposals to Mija Van Der Wege (mvanderw@carleton.edu). These 2-3 paragraph proposals should briefly describe the proposed course revision and indicate how it will involve students in quantitative analysis. Proposals will be reviewed by Quirk's Steering Committee.

The project website includes supporting resources for faculty including example QR assignments, syllabi for recently taught first-year seminars supported by QuIRK, names of past grant recipients, and names of faculty and staff who have volunteered to assist those working on QR projects. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mija Van Der Wege (mvanderw@carleton.edu).