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Breakout Session: Quantitative Literacy/Quantitative Reasoning

Quantitative Literacy/Quantitative Reasoning

The definition of quantitative literacy is like greywacke - it's ambiguous. quantitative literacy and quantitative reasoning and numeracy are synonymous; numeracy is a British term that's probably been around a lot longer.

Lynn Steen's book, Quantitative Literacy and Democracy , is available online at the MAA site but not through Amazon.com. Steen uses the term QL.

The math skills described by Steen would seem to develop a quantitatively literate society, whereas those skills listed on the SERC quantitative skills website appear to benefit geology majors, but not the public as a whole; most students in our introductory classes do not continue on to pursue a degree in geology.

Gave some ideas about membership to NNN - the National Numeracy Network:

  • Reduced fees to $25
  • Monthly email from NNN to members regarding a large scale social issue
  • Reduced membership fees to faculty whose institutions join the NNN