Workshop Participant Activities

The workshop participants have submitted these activities which will be evaluated and reviewed at the workshop.

Discharge and Sediment Transport in the Field - Jeff Clark, Lawrence University

Illustrating Hillslope Diffusion with Physical and Numerical Models - Gregory Hancock, College of William and Mary

Machines that Change Climate: Porsche 911 Turbo vs. Toyota Prius - Kevin Harrison, McDaniel College

Air-sea Interactions: Activities in Oceanography - Steve LaDochy, California State University, Los Angeles

LONGPRO Stream Modeling Exercise - Bill Locke, Montana State University

An Assessment of Hillslope Stability Using the Factor of Safety - Laura Moore, Oberlin College

The Changing Geographic Distribution of Malaria with Global Climate Warming - Mary Savina, Carleton College

Applications of Vector Operators for Surface Atmospheric/Oceanic Processes - David Smith, United States Naval Academy

Analysis of Lehigh Valley Instrumental Climate Records - Zicheng Yu, Lehigh University