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Relative Dating of Geologic Materials part of Teacher Preparation:Resource Collections:Activities
This lessons allows students to constuct the basic principals used to understand relative geologic time and the skills used to construct the geologic time scale.

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Dynamic Planet part of Introductory Courses:Virtual Workshop 2014:Course Descriptions
This physical geology course is a traditional lecture/lab course that needs updating/modification. Students commonly have three 1-hour lectures per week and one 2-hour lab. The course covers materials, landforms, ...

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GVSU GEO 111 Dynamic Planet Physical Geology part of Introductory Courses:Virtual Workshop 2014:Essay Collection
Stephen R. Mattox, Dept of Geology, Grand Valley State University The course serves the students as a basic introduction to geology, especially materials, landforms, and plate tectonics. For the department it is a ...

Steve Mattox part of Teacher Preparation:Resource Collections:Essays
Essays on Teacher Preparation by Workshop Participants Grand Valley State University Allendale, Michigan GVSU is a four-year public institution located 12 miles west of Grand Rapids, Michigan's second largest ...

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Grand Valley State University - Integration of Earth Science Content across Science Teacher Preparation Courses part of Integrate:Program Design:InTeGrate Program Models:Grand Valley State
The Grand Valley State program created a new major in Integrated Science, including creating two new courses to integrate Earth science with physical and life sciences with the goal of better preparing pre-service ...

Forecast the Next Mauna Loa Eruption part of Quantitative Skills:Activity Collection
Use inquiry-based learning centered on Mauna Loa eruptions to teach students about recurrence intervals and how to use data to make predictions.


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