Molly Ludwick

Kings Mountain Middle School

Molly Ludwick is a public school teacher in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. She teaches 8th grade science to hybrid, remote, and face to face students. She also teaches an Earth and Environmental science course online for 8th grade students who take the course for high school credit. Ms. Ludwick uses the blended learning approach to classroom instruction, which engages students in the use of technology as well as hands-on science activities and allows students to explore science at their own pace. The materials she designs are suitable for integration into a Learning Management System and can be utilized in hybrid, remote, and in-person settings. She is a self-proclaimed science nerd, avid adventurer, and a School of Rock 2020 participant.

For questions about materials or best practices for use in the classroom, feel free to email her at:  

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Secrets of the Sediments - Digital Adaptation part of IODP School of Rock 2020:Teaching Activities
This activity is a Google Slide playlist. Students will analyze data from sediments collected off the coast of Santa Barbara, California to determine whether this information can be used to study historical climate ...

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