GeoPRISMS Mini-Lesson Participants

Project Team

Julia Morgan, Rice University - GeoPRISMS Chair

Andrew Goodliffe, Univ. of Alabama

Jeff Marshall, Cal Poly Pomona

Ellen Iverson and Cathy Manduca, SERC, Carleton College

Jenn Beck, EvalArts Consulting

Curriculum Development Teams

Subduction Factory (SubFac): Chemical cycling in subduction zones

Robert Stern, Univ. of Texas Dallas - Science Team Lead

Ben Edwards, Dickinson College - Curriculum Specialist

Sarah Penniston-Dorland, Univ. of Maryland

Chris Kincaid, Univ. of Rhode Island

Seismogenic Zone Experiment (SEIZE): Seismogenic zone processes at subduction zones

Casey Moore, UC Santa Cruz - Science Team Lead

Jeff Marshall, Cal Poly Pomona - Curriculum Specialist & Project Team

Eliza Richardson, Penn State University

David Pearson, Idaho State University

Sue Cashman, Humboldt State University

Rupturing continental lithosphere (RCL): Rifting processes and feedbacks

Scott Bennett, USGS Golden, CO – Science Team Lead

Rebecca Dorsey, Univ. of Oregon - Science Team Lead

Andrew Goodliffe, Univ. of Alabama - Curriculum Specialist & Project Team

Jack Loveless, Smith College

Lisa Lamb, Univ. of St. Thomas

Sue Cashman, Humboldt State University

Source to sink sediment cycling (S2S): Sediment erosion, transfer, and deposition

Steve Kuehl, Virginia Inst. Marine Science - Co-Science Team Lead

Lonnie Leithold, North Carolina State University - Co-Science Team Lead

Kathleen Surpless, Trinity University - Curriculum Specialist

Adam Hoffman, Univ. of Dubuque

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