Mini Lesson Scoping Phase

Your submission will become your preliminary reporting and mini-lesson web page.

Discuss and draft your answers as a group, then assign a scribe to enter one form per mini-lesson. You must fill out and submit the form in one sitting (entries will not be saved on the form). After you submit this form you will be able to view a page containing your materials and make changes to that page. (If you don't enter your email address on this form, you won't be able to edit the page.)

There should be enough content in your descriptions for reviewers to understand if the envisioned mini-lesson will:
  • Use scientific results of given MARGINS theme
  • Fills identified gaps in current mini collection
  • Have reasonable learning outcomes that will be measurable with student assessments

Define Desired Learning Outcomes
  • What do you want your students to take away from this mini-lesson?
  • What knowledge, skills, abilities, and dispositions should the ideal student using the mini-lesson demonstrate?
  • How will they be able to demonstrate these capacities?

How will you know that your students have learned what you intended? What evidence are you planning to collect in your course to see if students have made progress on these learning goals? Are there particular assessment techniques that might work for this mini lesson? (view description of various assessment techniques opens in new page)