MARGINS Mini Lesson Evaluation Short Form

Please record and submit your observations while testing MARGINS Mini Lessons in your class and/or laboratory within 2 weeks of testing the lesson. Submissions may be accomplished by filling in the online form below, or by uploading a Word version of the form along with any data or comments. Please remember to complete one form for each mini lesson tested.

By disseminating the highlights of MARGINS science through high impact teaching resources, we hope to transform the education of a broad and diverse audience of undergraduate geoscience students. Field-testing and evaluation of these mini-lessons is a key component of this effort. Your contribution is valued and appreciated. For questions, please email Gus Costa at Rice University (

A. How did you use this mini-lesson in your teaching? (check all that apply)

E. What types of student data from assessments can you provide to the project? (check all that apply)

E. Education research has identified key pedagogical aspects of classroom activities that promote student learning. Based on your field testing, rate the degree to which this mini-lesson incorporates these key pedagogical aspects...

B. What additional information would have been useful? (check all that apply)