Workshop Overview

This workshop will engage members of diverse communities in brainstorming exercises around these four questions:

  • What tools of engagement work best (e.g., videos, social media, curricula, books, events, etc.) in your community/organization?
  • What questions do you (your community) have about deep ocean exploration and how the Earth works?
  • How do the people in your community connect science and cultural world views?
  • How can we foster partnerships and collaborations between your community and scientific ocean drilling?

Workshop Goals

The goals of this workshop are to:

  • solicit and capture ideas around the four questions listed above
  • engage a diverse group of participants
  • produce a synthesis of the ideas gathered to help shape an in-person workshop in Fall 2021


June 22, 5-7:15 pm Eastern

June 24, 5-7:15 pm Eastern

Participants are expected to attend both sessions.


What are the participants expected to do:

  • before the workshop
    • read and watch the preparatory materials that will be provided on-line
    • participate in preliminary asynchronous discussions on the workshop website platform
  • during the workshop
    • actively participate in all sessions
    • be prepared to collaborate and engage in challenging discussions
  • after the workshop
    • participate in reviewing and commenting on the synthesis paper produced from the workshop
    • assist with its writing if possible
    • consider applying for the in-person workshop



Audience and Selection Criteria

We are seeking a diverse group of participants, across many demographics (e.g., gender, race/ethnicity, geography), those who are familiar with current scientific ocean drilling programs and those who are not, a range of career levels and experience, a range of types of organizations/workplaces/functions, and with a particular eye to broadening participation in the program beyond its historical audiences. Depending on the number of applications received, decisions about who will attend will be made based on assembling a diverse group positioned to participate fully.


This virtual workshop will take place on zoom. Links for the sessions will be sent to confirmed registrants. Work prior to the zoom sessions will be conducted on the workshop website platform.

For More Information

For more information, please contact Sharon Cooper: