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  • Developing Analytical and Communication Skills in a Mock-Trial Course Based on the Famous Woburn, Massachusetts Case. Bair, 2000 This article discusses a mock trial in which undergraduates serve as expert witnesses and law students serve as their attorneys. (Full Text Online)
  • Role Playing in Education. Blatner, 2002 This article by Dr. Adam Blatner discusses role-playing in education. Role playing, a derivative of a sociodrama, is a method for exploring the issues involved in complex social situations. It may be used for the training of professionals or in a classroom for the understanding of literature, history, and even science. (citation and description)
  • The relevance of role playing in environmental education. Bonnet, 2000 This article published by the Commission on Biology Education summarizes a study of the relevance of role-playing in environmental education. (citation and description)
  • Role-Playing Replaces Spreadsheets in College Accounting Courses. Cage, 1997 This January, 1997 Chronicle of Higher Education article discusses the use of role-playing in accounting classes. (citation and description)
  • The Expert Educator. Dallmann-Jones, 1994 This education textbook includes chapters on the basics of education, multiple intelligences, a variety of teaching strategies, the use of media, and assessment. (citation and description)
  • The Great Evolution Trial: Use of Role-Play in the Classroom. Duveen and Solomon, 1994 This article describes the design and implementation of a role-playing exercise dealing with a fictional blasphemy trial of Charles Darwin after the publication of "Origin of Species". (citation and description)
  • The Use of Role-playing Exercises in Teaching Undergraduate Astronomy and Science. Francis and Byrne This article describes several interactive role-plays intended to get students to work together to solve complex problems. (citation and description)
  • Acting Out Science: Using Senate Hearings to Debate Global Climate Change. Harwood et al., 2002 This article describes the design and implementation of a role-playing exercise that is set in a Senate hearing about global warming. (citation and description)
  • An Activity to Introduce the Geoscience Perspective. Havholm, 1998 This role-playing exercise introduces students to geology by having them examine rocks from the perspective of a child, a sculptor, a geologist or someone from another walk of life. See exercise description here. (citation and description)
  • The Dungeoneer's Survival Guide. Niles, 1986 An early Dungeons and Dragons(TM) sourcebook that includes a section on different types of caves, the role of water in shaping and maintaining them, and the hazards of wandering around in them. (citation and description)