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History of Science

Another approach is to teach Earth history within the context of human history, in which many students may be well-versed.

Antonio Snider-Pellegrini

Topics for a history of Earth history course may include:


History of geology courses and resources often emphasize the biographies of the researchers who clearly formulated the major concepts of modern geoscience, such as Hutton or the Curies.


It is also possible to structure a course around the history of a debate.

Markes Johnson's tutorial Scientific Method and the Paradox of Controversy examines the 300+-year-old struggle between uniformitarianism and catastrophism (which have often gone by other names, but are generally recognizable).


Based on their research on the effect of history of science classes on student understanding of science, Abd-El-Khalick and Lederman, 2000 recommend that instructors using a history-of-science approach:

History of Geology Resources

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