Pre-workshop Checklist

Before arriving at the workshop:

  1. Please review the EarthScope Code of Conduct.
  2. Please note that during the first two days of the workshop, August 8 and August 9, we will be in the field during the afternoons. The images on the 'Program' page are from the 2022 Workshop and show the conditions - in the sun, no shade. Please dress accordingly.
  3. Look through the IGUaNA modules. Choose one module to explore in greater depth during the workshop.
  4. Download the Emlid Flow App for use with the GPS instruments.
  5. Watch these videos about geophysics and geophysical instruments
  6. If you have any concerns or questions related to mobility or other accommodations, please contact Danielle Sumy (
  7. Bring a laptop (preferably a Windows PC) if at all possible. If you don't have access to a laptop, please let Andy Parsekian ( know before the workshop.
  8. Consider taking a covid test prior to travel, to minimize the risk that you will unknowingly infect others.
  9. OPTIONAL: Read the participant list to see who else is coming to the workshop.