Review of Units and Steps

Instructions to the Reviewer: The rubric shown below will be used to evaluate the Unit or Step that you have agreed to review. Please provide comments regarding each aspect you have reviewed. Following your comments, please provide an overall rating for each question. Please provide a separate form for each Unit or Step that you are reviewing.

This web form must be filled out in single sitting: if you leave the page before submitting the form its contents will not be saved. So, we encourage you to draft your answers to the questions in a separate document as you review the module. When you're finished just copy and paste your responses into the form and submit it. The text boxes in the form will accept as much text as you care to provide so don't feel constrained by the size of the boxes.

C. What classes would this unit or step be a good match for?

D. How could the unit or step be enhanced?

A. Is the content of this unit or step correct and accurate?

C. What bits are missing from units/steps?

A. Do you have existing exercises that could be shared for this project? If so, please elaborate.

B. If so, what changes to the format would be necessary to effectively include your exercises in a way that would be useful to other faculty?

D. Any other comments?

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