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Please consult with project leadership before contributing. Make sure your contribution aligns with this project's notion of a Unit. The unit is the overarching instructional wrapper than will reference some set of 'steps' (contributed through a different form). The steps will present the detailed process student will work through. This unit provides guidance to the instructor on how to make use of the student-oriented set of steps.

Your submission becomes a web page. After submitting this form your submission will be transformed into a web page that you'll be able to immediately view and edit. So the information you provide below need only be a very rough draft or outline. You can complete it after your initial submission using our web page editing interface. At a minimum your submission must contain your name, email and a title for your new step.

Copyright: You retain all rights to your contributed work and are responsible for referencing other people's work and for obtaining permission to use any copyrighted material within your contribution. By contributing your work to this web site, you agree to license it for non-commercial distribution provided that you are given attribution under the terms of this Creative Commons license license (opens in new window).

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Please provide a short, one paragraph description of your unit.

Conceptual Student Learning Outcomes
What conceptual learning does this unit help students develop? Describe this in terms of what students will be able to do. (e.g. "students will be able to identify the most important..., students will be able to design a...) Consider inclusion of higher-order thinking skills outcomes (e.g. critical thinking, data analysis, synthesis of ideas)

Practical Student Learning Outcomes
What practical skills does this unit help students develop? Describe this in terms of what skills students will be able to demonstrate. (e.g. "students will be able to use Matlab to calculate..., students will be able to identify and eliminate outliers in...)

Supporting Reference Documents and Files

Provide links to supporting reading (e.g. papers that provide background for the unit). This section can also include files that support this unit such as class notes or presentations. You may upload files below and/or while editing the web page that will result from your submission of this form.

Provide an overview of how to conduct the unit. Describe the workflow as students move through the steps. Provide guidance on how the instructor can successfully support students in working through the module. Provide details of common misconceptions and sticking points that students are likely to encounter.