How to organize or create a list of Steps for a new Unit Page

After submitting a new unit and any needed supporting steps you'll need to link the two together. When your Unit is first created it will include an automatically generated 'pageset' tag that appears under the 'Steps' heading of the unit page. You'll populate this PageSet with a series of steps (which can include both those you've submitted, as well as others that exist in the collection) in a particular order. After populating the PageSet the unit page will automatically generate links to these pages and build navigation between them so students can be pointed to the first page in the set and move through in the order you've indicated.

To populate the PageSet first visit and edit the Unit page which you can do from your account page. After clicking the edit link there will be a button in the sidebar to enter the 'Full Editing Tools'. This will put you into an editing mode with additional options. In particular you'll see there is now a 'Page Set' option in the green right sidebar. Expand this option and click the 'Edit' link next to the name of the PageSet that has already been created for this Unit.

This will put you into the PageSet editing interface. You'll be able click on existing steps (on the right) to add them into your PageSet (on the left). Instructions within that page cover adding/removing and reordering items within your PageSet. Be sure to hit 'Save' before you leave the page. Then contact project leadership about making your new Unit and it's supporting PageSet live.