Educating Skillful Visualizers Workshop

August 5-6, 2017 (Note that this workshop has passed. Workshop findings can be viewed here.)

Southern Maine Community College ( This site may be offline. ) and Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Portland, Maine

On the weekend before the Gordon Research Conference on Visualization in Science and Education, it has become a tradition for a small group of conference-goers to work together in a hands-on format to dig more deeply into some facet of visualization-making and -using. Previous workshops in this series focused on creating more effective visualizations and on evaluating their effectiveness. The 2017 workshop will change direction and focus on how to educate people to become more proficient visualization users. The workshop will bring together a multi-disciplinary group including faculty, curriculum developers, professional development providers, visualization creators, education researchers, and cognitive scientists, working in a variety of fields where using scientific visualizations is a key competency.

The workshop will have two strands: one focused onfostering and the other on assessing learners' visualization competencies. During plenary sessions, the two strands will work together to articulate a foundational set of shared learning goals around visualizations, plus a set of challenges/pitfalls that need to be addressed in moving towards those goals. The fostering strand will work with a set of hands-on learning strategies that build students' ability to extract insights and inferences from visualizations. The assessing strand will focus on how we know what learners have understood and taken away as they engage with visualizations. A shared focus throughout both strands will be on social and cognitive processes and strategies that underlie learning with visualizations.

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