1) Getting Started

Before the course begins

  • CURE Instructor completes Onboarding steps to learn and prepare for implementation of E-CURE

First week of course

  • CURE Instructor introduces E-CURE to students: what it is, how it can help them, and most importantly to make it clear that the scores assigned to outcome components are not used in any way in determining the course grade.

2) Pre-Research

First/second week of course

Set Pre-Research Deadline for completion of all Pre-Research steps.  

  • Students receive automated emails instructing them to set up account and complete both the Pre-Research Assessment that includes all outcome categories and the Pre-Research Open-Ended Questions
  • Students complete Pre-Research Assessment that includes all outcome categories
  • Students complete Pre-Research Open-Ended Questions
  • CURE Instructor reviews student responses
  • Class conversation (recommended)
  • CURE Instructor selects subset of outcomes


3) Mid-Research 

After 3-4 weeks of research

  • The CURE Instructor completes the Early/Mid-Research Assessment
  • Students complete the Early/Mid-Research Assessment
  • Student and CURE Instructor receive and review Score Report
  • Conversations


4) End of Research

1 week prior to end of research

  • CURE Instructor completes the End-of-Research Assessment for each student in the course.
  • Students complete the End-of-Research Assessment and Post-Research Questions.
  • Students and CURE Instructor access and review Score Report
  • Conversations