Step-by-Step Instructions

Part 1Download and Install Software and Data

Download and Install AEJEE software, tsunami project file, and global tsunami data.

Part 2Launch AEJEE and Investigate Tsunami Patterns

Launch AEJEE, import and format tsunami and earthquake data and look for patterns. Query the data to investigate historical tsunami records.

Part 3Download Digital Elevation Data for the Oregon Coast and Import it into AEJEE

Access GeoBrain DEM Explorer website and practice navigating around the map. Locate Oregon and select an area of interest, then process and download the data. Import the DEM contour data into AEJEE and edit its properties.

Part 4Analyze Tsunami Risk for Coastal Oregon

Adjust layers on the map and then investigate relationships between coastlines and tsunamis. Locate the town of Seaside and other geographic features along the Oregon coast.

Part 5Create an Evacuation Map for Seaside Schools

Locate possible evacuation routes for Seaside public schools. Print map and prepare a presentation to share.