Step-by-Step Instructions

Note: This chapter was retired in October 2018. The visualization tool (My World GIS) is no longer supported.

Part 1Download Software and Data

Download and Install My World GIS software and Seismic Wave project file.

Part 2Launch My World and Explore Data with a GIS

Launch My World GIS, turn layers on and off. Practice moving around the map.

Part 3Explore Earthquakes and Seismic Waves

Adjust layers on the map and then investigate relationships between plate boundaries and seismic s-wave velocities. Set up and save several Map Views.

Part 4Select and Analyze Data

Select data from seismic s-wave velocity layers. Export and graph data with Excel.

Part 5Report Your Results

Document your findings in written and/or digital form. Layout and print maps and prepare a presentation to share.