Part 5—Report Your Results

Step 1 Analyze your Data and Prepare Your Report

Document your findings in written and/or digital form. Be able to support your observations and conclusions with print outs or Map Views of your map analyses from Parts 3 and 4. Address the following in your report.

  1. Describe and explain the relationship between both convergent and divergent plate boundaries and shear wave velocities.
    • Use the Map Views that you made in Part 3.
    • Map Views: Japan, India, Mid-Atlantic
  2. Describe and explain how shear wave velocities change in the upper mantle and crustal material. Include a description of the cross-sectional change across North America at two different depths.
    • Use the Map Views and graphs that you made Part 4.
    • Map Views: S-wave velocity at 28 km, S-wave velocity at 100 km, Graphs of velocity.
  3. If you would like to have images of your map to use, choose File > Layout and Print..., then set up your map for printing. Once the map is set up you can print it as a JPG to use in a document. You may need to experiment with the options in this Print window.

Step 2 Present Your Report

Present your findings in either a written or oral report with supporting evidence from the chapter.