Going Further


This chapter uses the Atlantic Ocean as an example, yet a similar activity could be focused on any other ocean or landmass.

For any lines you plot and graph, consider what the graphic representation actually means about the seafloor.

  • What do the high and low points along your graph mean?
  • Does your profile represent the actual shape of the seafloor? Discuss how the profile is similar to and different from the seafloor it represents.
  • From a single profile, what can you infer about the three-dimensional shape of any ocean basin?
  • Compare profiles you create with the Atlantic and Pacific profiles that appear within this chapter.

Other Techniques

Users can also create 3D images in GeoMapApp.
To create a 3-D GeoMapApp image:
  • Open GeoMapApp and zoom in on an area of interest.
  • Click the Grid button and choose Load Grid.
  • Click the focus button, then choose the 3D View option.
  • Manipulate the view as desired, then choose render.

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