Tools and Data


Analyzing Digital Images

The software that provides access to the mapped data using just the digital images is called Analyzing Digital Images, which was originally developed by the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts. Recent revisions to the software were supported and completed by a collaboration of seven institutions funded by NASA as part of the Digital Earth Watch (DEW) project It is part of a series to help students learn the basics of digital images, develop the skills to analyze the images, and provide access to free software tools to manipulate the images.

For more information, see the Digital Earth Watch website.

Tool Builder

The software was created by John Pickle and Jaqueline Kirtley of the Museum of Science, Boston, Massachusetts, as part of the Lawrence Hall of Science's Global Systems Science student series. Subsequent revisions of Analyzing Digital Images have been supported by the NASA-funded project, Digital Earth Watch (DEW), originally named Measuring Vegetative Health.

Tool Cost

The tool is freely available.

Tool Help

A series of videos can be found at: Measuring Vegetative Health Software Download Website

Data Source

Pollen Viewer

The Pollen Viewer website hosted by the National Climatic Data Center provides an interactive viewing tool to explore the free time series of digital images of over 40 plant species responding to climate change as the ice sheets retreated across North America, which began 21,000 years ago. The data was developed by the team of scientists: John W. Williams, Bryan N. Shuman, Thompson Webb III, Patrick J. Bartlein, and Phillip L. Leduc.

For more information, see

Geospatial Coverage

North America

Temporal Coverage

Every 1000 years for the past 21,000 years.