Going Further


Use the techniques from this chapter to study the data used to create most color-coded digital maps as well as the light intensity and spatial relationships in most images created with digital cameras.

See example: Who are You More Alike?.

Other Data

Color-coded maps at the Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System (GoMOOS).

Any color-coded map available on NASA's Earth Observatory, Blue Marble, or Visible Earth.

The analysis software works on any satellite image available at the above websites and at EOS-WEBSTER and Digital Earth Watch.

Other Techniques

For a given location on the Pollen Viewer maps, study the change of size of landmasses. For example, the line tool counts the number of pixels along a line. Use this to measure the change in Florida's width as sea level rose over the past 21,000 years.

Tip: Convert line length in pixels to percent change from original width 21,000 years ago using your spreadsheet.

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