Step-by-Step Instructions

Note: This chapter was retired in October 2018. The visualization tool (My World GIS) is no longer supported.

Part 1Download Data and Software

Download 45-day trial version of My World GIS. Download project file and additional data.

Part 2Investigate Age of Sea Floor Rocks

Use My World GIS to investigate Sea Floor Age and how it supports the theory of plate tectonics. Learn about which areas of Earth are oldest/youngest, the relationships between sea floor age and plate boundaries, and compare the rate of spreading from the Pacific and Atlantic ocean floors.

Part 3Investigate Volcanoes and their Distribution

Investigate volcanoes and how the characteristics of volcanoes support the theory of plate tectonics. Study the types of volcanoes, different heights of volcanoes, and different locations of volcanoes. Use histograms to analyze the data; further your analysis of evidence to support the theory of plate tectonics.

Part 4Investigate Earthquakes and their Distribution

Explore the evidence of earthquakes and earthquake patterns. Learn about different depths of earthquakes, different magnitudes of earthquakes, and also how earthquakes relate to plate boundaries.