Part 1—Download Data and Software

Step 1 – Download and Install My World GIS Software

Note: (2018) My World GIS is now unavailable
Note: (August 2015) A 45-day free trial of My World is available through PASCO scientific.
  1. Open the PASCO My World homepage. Scroll down the page, and click the Free Trial tab.

  2. Select the version of software for your type of operating system or platform (Windows or Mac OS X).
  3. Click the word Download to begin downloading the installer to your computer.
  4. A My World GIS™ version 5.0 Trial Version Installer will download to your computer.
  5. Double click the installer app and follow the onscreen instructions to install My World GIS on your computer.
Note: You may want to return to the My World GIS website later and explore its resources.

Step 2 – Download the Evidence for Plate Tectonics Project File

  1. Right-click on a PC, or control-click on a Mac, to download the project file Evidence_1.m3vz ( 6MB Jul21 11) to use with this chapter.
  2. Take note of where you download the file so that you can locate it and browse to it later.
My World GIS can open a project file wherever it is on your computer. However, if you would like the project to be available through the Data Library, then place it into the data folder of the My World GIS 4.1 folder. Note: The default location for My World GIS installation is the applications or programs folder.

Step 3 – Launch My World and Download Data

Additional (optional) data for this activity is available through the Activity Center hosted by My World GIS. Note: If you completed Steps 1 and 2, it is not necessary to complete this second download.
  1. Launch My World by double-clicking its desktop icon .
  2. From the Welcome screen, click the link titled "Activity Center" under Web Resources.
  3. A new browser will open for the My World GIS Online Activity Center.
  4. Scroll down the page to locate the Plate Tectonic Activity. Click the link for the Data Library and save the .zip file to your downloads folder or desktop.
  5. Unzip the file and move the unzipped folder to the My World Data folder. Delete the initial .zip file.
  6. When finished, quit and restart My World. This will add a Plate Tectonics Data Library for your use (optional).