Going Further

Other Data

Examine the Mystery of the Missing Carbon further by reading this story from the NASA Earth Observatory Features section.

The story, Evolving in the Presence of Fire, provides insight into forest systems that have frequent fire cycles and therefore a high turnover rate of carbon.

Other Techniques

Part 4 of the EET chapter Using Satellite Images to Understand Earth's Atmosphere, describes a method for creating custom side-by-side animations.

Other Tools

Many other data sites offer animation generation. The basic steps you learned for requesting animations (select data type, select start and stop dates, select comparison data, select output format) will be used again whenever you encounter an opportunity to generate animations.

Case Studies with Tool

Other EET chapters that utilize ImageJ as a tool and satellite imagery as a data source include the following:

Using NASA NEO and ImageJ to Explore the Role of Snow Cover in Shaping ClimateInvestigate satellite images displaying land surface temperature, snow cover, and reflected short wave radiation data from the NASA Earth Observation (NEO) website. Animate the images and compare them with the NEO ICE tool.

Using Satellite Images to Understand Earth's AtmosphereUse ImageJ to create an animation showing the change in monthly concentration of aerosols over the course of a year and compare it to a similar animation showing change in carbon monoxide concentration.

Annotating Change in Satellite ImagesUse time-series images to produce a map documenting land-use changes in China.

Analyzing the Antarctic Ozone HoleMeasure and graph the area of depleted ozone from Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) images.

Exploring and Animating GOES ImagesTransform a time series of GOES images into an animation. Plot a storm track and determine storm speed.

Measuring Distance and Area in Satellite ImagesUse ImageJ to quantify change over time in satellite images.

Shrinking Forest - Growing ProblemUse time-series Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images to create a color composite image showing the oldest to most recently deforested areas in the Amazon rainforest.

Whither Arctic Sea Ice?Animate thirty years of sea ice images, measure the ice extent each year, and then graph and analyze the results.

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