Initial Publication Date: July 27, 2023

Using Project EDDIE modules in Using the Project EDDIE Sustainability Metrics Module in Geography

DR. SANGHAMITRA ADHYA, Kalyani Mahavidyalaya

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Using the Project EDDIE Sustainability Metrics Module in Geography

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Upper Level Undergraduate


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EDDIE Module(s) Adopted and/or Adapted

Sustainability Metrics module

My course is introductory Geography with an environmental emphasis, usually taught with a fairly traditional lecture, textbook, lab, and exam format. In recent years I've been gradually turning over content to allow students to take a more active role in acquiring the material (e.g., through acting out concepts or performing exercises integrated with lectures). This module represents the next phase of that transition—integrating recent data in an engaging, active way. My students were excited about the content and were able to immerse themselves in the data. By the end of the lesson, they were able to examine the topics at a sophisticated level and ask more advanced questions relevant to current research.

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Relationship of EDDIE Module(s) to my Course

Since the study of Geography is the primary focus of this class, a unit on the effects of Sustainability Metrics is included. I thought it would be beneficial to include a unit on Sustainability Metrics. I felt it was particularly important for students to comprehend the origin of environmental data as well as the process by which conclusions about sustainability are developed.

The whole of the text and data from the EDDIE modules were included into the lecture; however, the graphs and maps themselves were created by the students using the QGIS programme.


Teaching Details

The module was completed in lecture and practical laboratory class as a guided activity. I completed the module 'Sustainability Metrics.' I created three powerpoint and word files with a little more info on the topic and made it more accessible. I was able to...

  • establish a welcoming environment.
  • build engagement and motivation with the course material and activities. 
  • set expectations and encourage participation.
  • begin a conversation and make course material more attractive.
  • encourage student interaction and establish a learning community.I have created one YouTube channel- 'Earth Digital Book' ( to develop learning content, influence, self-efficacy, and voice within the college and more widely within the profession. 

Adaption Materials


Sustainability and Entrpreneurship (PowerPoint 1.7MB Jul27 23)

Class Notes on Sustainability Metrics (Microsoft Word 50kB Jul27 23)

How did the activity go?

The students learned a lot from the modules that EDDIE offers. Online learning gives students all the benefits of taking the courses they want, plus the added convenience of being able to learn on their own time. Students are increasingly considering online EDDIE modules as a viable source of material since it offers information and data in practically important topics and flexible schedules that may accommodate almost any lifestyle. Students could be able to study completely online from a faraway location while still interacting with their peers, seeing lectures, and taking part in topic-specific conversations.

Students made significant intellectual progress in analyzing and relating quantitative datasets. In particular, they gave some interesting ideas about how to evaluate links between datasets, both from a statistical point of view (correlations) and from the point of view of using more trials to prove cause and effect.

Future Use

This instructor story and adaption materials were developed during a Project EDDIE Faculty Mentoring Network in partnership with QUBES in the fall of 2022.

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Approximately 98% of Geography (Hons.) students who completed all tests (Google Forms) felt that it boosted their confidence in creating scatter plots, evaluating linear relationships, maps and analyzing Geographical and environmental data. I want to do this activity again.