Register as a Regional Alliance

Please fill out the following survey to describe your Regional Alliance. There is no save button for this form. However, you can submit your answers at any point, even if they are incomplete and they will be turned into a web page that you will be able to edit and add to later on. The web page will not be made public without permission.

IMPORTANT: Do not leave this page without clicking on the SUBMIT button. If you leave this page without submitting, your entries in the form will be lost and have to be recreated.

If you have questions about the project or technical questions about the survey or website, please contact Mitchell Awalt (mawalt AT at SERC (Science Education Resource Center). We appreciate your participation, and look forward to working with you in EarthConnections.

Alliance Leader

Alliance Banner

(Optional) Upload an image to use as the banner for your Regional Alliance page. The imagery should be representative of the geography of your region. If you do not provide an image we will find something applicable.
Dimensions: 300 pixels tall by 1200 pixels wide. Format: PNG, TIFF, or JPEG.

Pathway map
Upload a pathway map that documents learning opportunities connected by your Regional Alliance. The map should include:
  1. Your map should show how learning activities at multiple education levels are connected to each other and to geoscience careers.
  2. At each level of opportunities, classroom learning is coupled with opportunities to use knowledge in community service. On the map, identify the types of learning activities (traditional classroom, community informal learning, service learning, and so on)
  3. Numbers corresponding to specific pathway elements (activities) that your Regional Alliance has organized or participated in (described below).

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