Initial Publication Date: October 3, 2017

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About the Rendezvous

What is the Rendezvous?

The Earth Educators' Rendezvous is a five day conference that kicks off with an opening reception on Sunday evening and concludes Friday afternoon. The Rendezvous combines a workshop program with a meeting format of multi-day workshops, contributed talks and posters, round table discussions, teaching demonstrations, plenary sessions, and working groups. Drawing across the work currently taking place in geoscience, environmental, and sustainability education, meeting attendees have the opportunity to learn broadly, focus on a particular issue or challenge, discover new pedagogical tools, and network with old and new colleagues. To learn more about the Rendezvous themes and program, visit the Rendezvous Overview. The Rendezvous has typically been held in mid-July.

Who is the Rendezvous for?

Our program is designed to appeal to everyone from instructors and graduate students attending their first Earth-education--themed meeting, to experienced STEM education researchers, to administrators who want to better support students in their programs. Among the many professional development opportunities, participants can learn about new teaching approaches, discover opportunities to get involved in research projects and programs, learn about pursuing a career in academia and prepare for an academic career, and discuss teaching and learning with a community of peers and experts in geoscience education. Check out the 2022 program

What happens at the Rendezvous?

Events include workshops, oral and poster sessions, teaching demonstrations, round table discussions, plenary talks, and working groups. Morning workshops last three days (beginning on Monday) or two days (beginning on Thursday). Optional events may include pre-and/or post-Rendezvous field trip(s), pre-Rendezvous review camp(s), and evening social gatherings. Participants can register for any number of days. In previous years, total participation numbers have varied between 320-360 for the week.

Hosting the Rendezvous

Why you might want to host

Hosting the Rendezvous is a great way to showcase your department, institution, and your geographical region. The Rendezvous bring the nation's leading Earth Educators to your school and opens up opportunities for your colleagues to participate.

Expectations for hosting

The site host provides a key position in the successful execution of the Rendezvous. The site host is an important member of the planning committee and works with the committee to ensure that:

  • plans are viable for the spaces available,
  • the Rendezvous can capitalize on local opportunities and expertise, and
  • the Rendezvous attracts a wide range of participants to ensure a varied and robust program. 

The planning committee meets virtually twice a month in the year preceding the Rendezvous and works closely with NAGT staff to orchestrate the Rendezvous. The Rendezvous host institution should have:

  • options for housing including a dorm and hotel block(s) nearby
  • a varied selection of rooms that include large ballrooms, classrooms, computer labs, and small meeting rooms. Depending on the program schedule, the Rendezvous typically requires the following selection of rooms:
    • 7 rooms that hold ~50, preferably in flex seating
    • 1 large room for posters hall (~4000 sq feet)
    • 1 large room ~300+ for opening reception, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday closing plenaries and town hall
    • 2 large rooms (that can hold ~40) that would be good for oral sessions and teaching demonstrations
    • 3-5 meeting rooms, 30-50
    • 3-5 smaller meeting rooms, up to 30
    • If available, 1-2 computer labs participants can use during a morning workshop or afternoon mini-workshop session (~25+ capacity)
  • robust wi-fi is essential for the many participants and concurrent workshops and programming
  • dining/restaurant options within walking distance
  • within a reasonable distance to major airport/transportation hub

Selection criteria

The Earth Educators' Rendezvous is committed to selecting host sites across the nation to enable participation by the full spectrum of geoscience educators. We are committed to creating a supportive and rich learning environment and an inclusive and safe atmosphere for all. Additionally, we seek sites:

  • that are affordable and accessible,
  • where meeting set up supports Rendezvous program elements,
  • that provide unique opportunities for participants, and
  • that include benefits to and engagement of the host institution.

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The Earth Educators' Rendezvous success has been in part due to the generosity and enthusiasm of its previous hosts. Consider being part of a future Earth Educators' Rendezvous.

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