Host an Earth Educators' Rendezvous

Thank you for your interest in hosting a future Earth Educators' Rendezvous. Please complete the form below to let us know about you and your institution.

Have you attended a previous Rendezvous or do you plan to attend this year's event? (Check all that apply)

What year(s) are you interested in hosting the Rendezvous at your institution? (Select all that apply)

All the rooms, with the possible exception of the poster hall, will need to have projector/screen capabilities and wi-fi. Depending on the program schedule, the Rendezvous typically requires the following selection of rooms:
  • 7 rooms that hold ~50, preferably in flex seating
  • 1 large room for posters hall (~4000 sq feet)
  • 1 large room ~300+ for opening reception, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday closing plenaries and town hall
  • 2 large rooms (~40 person capacity) that would be good for oral sessions and teaching demonstrations
  • 3-5 meeting rooms 30-50
  • 3-5 smaller meeting rooms 20-30
  • If available, 1-2 computer labs participants can use during a workshop or mini-workshop session (~25+ capacity)

Please provide a budget estimate of the costs to host the Rendezvous at your institution, including meeting room reservation fees, A/V equipment, IT support staff, tables/chairs/linens rentals, poster board rentals, catering, and any other anticipated costs that are unique to your institution. Note that some institutions provide faculty members discounts on items such as meeting rooms and catering. Please describe any discounts you may be able to receive.
Are you willing to plan and/or facilitate a Rendezvous field trip? (Check all that apply)