Initial Publication Date: December 11, 2022

Working Group Synthesis


Working groups in the afternoon & one big idea shared included:

  • Infusing DEI in geoscience programs
    • Appoint members of DEI committee into other committees so DEI is infused across program work & burden of DEI work moves into all committees
  • Navigating institutional change, shrinking institutions and program positioning
    • Showcase strengths both program specific & those addressing institutional goals. 
    • Be proaoctive with change, embrace the opportunity & infuse DEI. 
  • Scenarios
    • Programs are at various stages of developing structures & processes to establish for hiring. There are opportunities to learn from those further in the process about what is working & not working. 
  • Supporting Graduate Students
    • Address stipend inequities & create workforce supports for students (e.g. how to write grants)