Friday, February 16

9:00 AM Introductions, Why CUREs, and Example CURE

10:30 AM Break

11:00 AM Research & Instructional Goals

12:30 PM Lunch

1:30 PM Research & Instructional Goals, continued

3:00 PM Break and optional dinner sign-ups

3:30 PM Research Learning Tasks, One-on-one consults & Working Time

4:45 PM Road check, Instructions for CURE project entry, Assessment jigsaw assignments

5:00 PM Conclude for the day

Saturday, February 17

9:00 AM Assessment

10:30 AM Break, Working time, and One-on-one consults

12:00 PM Lunch

1:00 PM Equity and Inclusion in Research

2:30 PM Finalize draft of CURE project entry

3:30 PM Speed networking about CURE projects

4:30 PM Next Steps, Action Plan, and Evaluation

5:00 PM Conclude


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