Participant Checklist

Before the Institute:

  • You will need a laptop or tablet with internet access during the Institute and that can open doc files and access zoom meetings and a browser.
  • Sign up for an account on the SERC server. We will be utilizing a private workspace during the institute and you will need an account to access it.

If you haven't settled on a specific research project, please bring two or three options that you have explored. If you need help finding or selecting a project, you could explore project options through:

You could also contact people in your field to see if you can get involved in their research – this can be your graduate or postdoctoral advisor, a colleague, or a researcher at an institution near you that is doing interesting research. See Table 3 of this paper from Hatfull and colleagues, which outlines seven attributes of research projects that are thought to make them logistically feasible as CUREs.